Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My pregnancy

Everyone's pregnancy is different, with every body reacting to pregnancy in a different way.

I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 7 weeks.
I didn't really have the typical pregnancy symptoms, apart from missing a period I wouldn't have known otherwise.
But after I found out I started feeling sick for most of the day, especially in the evening and lost my appetite for a while. 

When we went for my first scan at 12 weeks, I was not expecting my baby to be jumping around the screen non stop, I was expecting just to see something wriggling about, but no you could clearly see a head, a body, arms and legs. It took the woman a good few minutes to manage to take the picture because the baby was jumping about so much.
We were given a due date of October the 16th.

At about 15 weeks I stopped constantly feeling sick and started to get my appetite back. 
Due to hardly being able to eat much I actually lost half a stone in this time.

I started showing about 18 weeks, I'd noticed a bit of a change before that but wasn't really noticeable to others.

At my 20 weeks scan I was quite shocked by how much change had happened in just 8 weeks. In this scan we found out we were having a boy! 

At 28 weeks I had an anti-D injection because I've got rhesus negative blood,  in case the baby had positive blood, which in fact he does. 

We had another scan at 32 weeks, and was a shock how big everything was!

Even though I lost half a stone at the start, I then went on to put on a lot of weight. I ended up gaining a whole 5 stone! 
Towards the end I was just so hungry all the time,  there was just no filling me, I'm really glad I was only like this towards the end otherwise who knows how much weight I would have put on! 

From about 20 weeks onwards I was getting back pain a lot! Wasn't just at the bottom of my back like I expected but was mostly at the top.

Unfortunately for me 2013 has been a hot year. I found it hard to cope with the heat this summer! 

At 36 weeks the baby was suspected to be breech. Thankfully turned out he wasn't, and his head was quite low.

By 38 weeks his head was 3/5th engaged.

4 days before my due date.

Then the day arrived, my due date! The day I'd been counting down to for weeks! But there was no sign of him and then at my midwife appointment she said that nothing seemed to be happening yet.

6 days later at about 6pm I started contracting! 4 hours later at 10.04pm he was born! I couldn't believe how quickly he was born, I'd only just got to hospital 2 hours before. 

This is one of the first pictures of Osian. This was the one we used to announce his birth on Facebook.

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  1. I smiled all the way through reading this :')
    Looking at that picture of me and you, my god bump was huge! Hehe.
    And i had no idea you gained 5 stone!! Same as me! I think you look fine though :)

    Lovely post xxx