Monday, 6 January 2014

Life with a newborn

Osian is 11 weeks old tomorrow, so I'd no longer call him in a newborn,  but thought I'd write about what it was like for me with a newborn baby. 

Osian was born on the 22nd of October weighing 7lb 13.5oz. 
When it was my first night with him in hospital I just couldnt sleep, even when he was asleep I just seemed to spend the night looking at my new little baby. 
We stayed in the hospital for two nights, and Osian seemed to cry alot.
When we got home Osian seemed alot different only really cried when he was hungry, tired or in the bath. 

Before Osian was born I thought I'd be nervous holding him but as soon as he was born and held him for the first time I just seemed to know how to hold and carry him and wasnt nervous at all. 

Some days the tiredness felt like it was too much, but after a few weeks i slowly started to get used to it. 
Even if I was just at home all day in my pyjamas I'd always try to have a bath or shower and get changed into clean pyjamas. I'd feel much better afterwards!  

Since a newborn baby tends to either sleep or feed all day I had the telly on most of the day and found there wasn't much on during the day I liked to watch, so I started watching things on lovefilm instant or 4od a lot. Especially one born every minute, I love that programme and find it so interesting after giving birth. 

I didn't realise before Osian was born how little time you get to yourself once a baby is born and how tiring it would be, but it's all worth it, can't imagine a better feeling than the one you get being a mother. 

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