Thursday, 30 January 2014

Life before Osian

I am sat here wondering to myself what was my life like before Osian was born? I'm honestly struggling to answer my own question. Although Osian is only 3 months old it just feels like he's always been here and always been a part of my life.
I find myself asking myself questions such as, 'what would I spend my time doing?' 'What did I used to talk about with people?'
I also can't remember what I used to think about! Seeing as the majority of my thoughts are now about Osian.

One thing I know is that I used to get a lot more sleep (apart from when I was pregnant) but less sleep is definitely worth the joy that Osian brings. I also used to have a good memory, but now I'm lucky to remember why I walked in a room, definitely have a baby brain now!
I used to put some effort into my appearance, and caring about what I looked like when leaving the house, usually trying to wear something nice, put a bit of make up on and try and make my hair look okay. But now I just throw on whatever clothes are clean, I've put on make up once because it was a special occasion, and just throw my hair up and have roots down to my ears. I don't really think about how I look when leaving the house now, I have bought some hair dye though, but that was about a week ago and still haven't got around to actually dyeing my hair. I never used to enjoy baths, I've always been a shower person, but I now have learnt to appreciate a nice relaxing bath, not that I often find the time for one.

One big change that is that before Osian was born, I didn't fully understand the love you would have for your child, it may sound odd because I obviously knew parents love their children, but didn't quite get the depths of that love until I became a mother.

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