Sunday, 12 January 2014

Leaving the house with a baby

Who'd have thought leaving the house with a baby would be such hard work? Maybe it's just me but I feel like I'm off on holiday every time I leave the house with the amount of stuff I have.  I never seem to manage to get my change bag to close because it's so full!
How does such a small baby have so much stuff?

The only time I leave the house and don't feel like I'm taking its entire contents out with me is when we go for a short walk near the house. I only have the pram and a bag with a few things in it. Unlike the usual pram, carseat, change bag, an extra bag or two and my hands full of things. It's just I'd rather have way too many things than not take enough and need something we've left at home. No matter what, no matter how early I try and get ready, it's always and i mean always a last minute rush, with me picking things up last minute that I've forgotten about. Maybe if I was a more organised person this wouldn't happen. I am trying to get more organised,  but I just don't think it's in my nature.

Just before Christmas we travelled up to Scotland so Osian could meet my family who live up there. Only went for three nights but had enough stuff that we could have gone on a two week holiday!
I am slowly, and I mean very slowly, thinking to myself 'maybe I don't need to bring this' and leaving the item at home. So maybe eventually I'll realise what I actually need with me and leave the rest at home and finally be able to leave the house easily.

Anyone else feel like leaving the house is such a task?

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