Tuesday, 7 January 2014

From a moses basket to a cot

Osian will very soon be moving into a cot. 
The change isn't anything like going from a cot to a bed or from co-sleeping to a cot/bed.
I just thought I'd post about it anyway. 
The change from a moses basket to a cot is just a realisation that my baby's grown so fast.

I'm not sure what age most babies move from a moses basket to a cot but it feels like Osian is still too young! 
But when I think about it some parents don't bother with a moses basket and just use a cot from birth. 

Fast asleep in his moses basket when he was 5 days old.

What age did you first put your babies in a cot?


  1. It all depends really.
    Mia co-slept with me so didn't use a moses much but Elliw was in a moses basket until she got to big/long for it!

  2. Osian is nearly too long for his, forgot to say that's why he'd be in a cot soon.
    What age was Mia when you stopped co-sleeping? :) x