Thursday, 23 January 2014

Choosing a Name

I went to Liverpool today and a woman was asking me what my baby was called, so I told her his name is Osian, she had never heard of the name but said she thought it was a lovely name and thinks he will be a filmstar!
Choosing your childs name is obviously a big decision. I found it hard to find a name that I liked but once I thought of the name Osian it just seemed to stick.

I had the name Oscar in my head for a while but it didn't feel right like the right name for my baby, and didn't even mention it as an option, but then the name Osian popped into my head one day and I mentioned it to Osian's Dad and he wasn't keen on it. But then I mentioned it again a few weeks later and he really liked it. I was so happy he liked it too. Before I thought of Osian I did quite like the name Alex, I think this is because my dads middle name is Alexander and my Grandad was also called Alexander. I think it would have been nice to have these reasons behind a name. I think it's nice when babies are named after family members. Osian's middle name is Wyn, which is a family name in Osian's Dad's family.

We then went to look at what the name ment it came up with 3 different things, one was that the name ment 'little deer' the other was that it was derived from an Irish poet and the last thing that it translates to 'with great power, comes great responsibility'
I dont think we would have gone against the name due to what it mean but I think it is nice that his name has a nice meaning.

Found out a few weeks later than Osian's cousin was going to be called Osian if she had been a boy, which I thought was nice.

If your stuck on deciding your childs name whilst you're expecting, then you can buy a baby name book, which are quite cheap on amazon, search the internet for baby names, or there are lots of different apps you can download for your phone/tablet and you can easily browse through anytime.

What are your child/childrens names? How did you choose their names?


  1. We named our daughter "Miley Hope", we both loved the name Miley but we couldn't agree on a middle name. After 5 consecutive weeks having scans we noticed we always said the same thing... I HOPE everything is okay. From then it stuck as Miley's middle name!
    We looked at loads of baby name books but i wanted something a little different and never seemed to find anything in the books.

  2. LOVE this post :)!!
    Weird how we had thought of the same name if Elliw was going to be a boy :)
    But she would have been Osian Griffith because Griffith is Iwans middle name and his dads middle and his Dad's dads name! haha :)
    It is lovely carrying a name on from the family.
    Great post Trina xx

  3. My wife and I had a ritual we stuck to with all three of our children (Isaac, Toby and Kara). Our basic ground rules were that we didn't want a name that was too popular, and it had to be one we agreed on. We would go away with a baby names book and individually compile shortlists, then go out for dinner and compare notes until we agreed on three or four combinations of first/middle names we were happy with (with one 'preferred' option). Then, when the baby was born, we picked the one that felt most right - in each case we agreed almost immediately. #archiveday

  4. I've heard of the poet - this is the Irish version of the Welsh name, I think. Amusing to me to think of him as "Little Deer." My family name, Nancarrow, means Valley of the Stag in Cornish. We named my son Aidan in 1989, before it was popular, and we worried some at the time that he would be nicknamed AIDS. I have a story about that; I think it might be the next thing I put up for #ArchiveDay. Thanks for the inspiration. ;-)