Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A nice day in North Wales

The weather here has been horrible recently, either pouring down with rain or so windy you'd struggle to walk in it. 
So this morning when I noticed it wasn't windy or rainy I thought I'd take advantage of this dry day and go for a walk with Osian. 

I got us both wrapped up warm and off we went. 
There are lots of steep hills around where I live. Can't go any way from my house without having to walk up and down hills. So I chose the way with the least hills to go for a walk today.

It's only recently I've started appreciating where I live. When I was younger I used to moan there was nothing to do. But now I'd much rather live around here than in a big city.

One of the views from our walk.

Just to the right of the picture you could see the yard of my sister's school and it was play time when we passed so I think I could just about see her running about with her friends. 

This is where we walked to. Had a little rest on the bench then walked home.

Osian when we left. 

Osian when he came back. 

We were lucky we went when we did because about an hour after we got home it started to rain!