Saturday, 11 January 2014

A few thing to do whilst breastfeeding

As I've currently been sat in the same spot for 45 minutes nursing without a drink in reach. 
I thought I would post about things to do whilst breastfeeding.

Before you sit down make a sure you'll be comfy, feeding can take a long time. Especially if your baby cluster feeds, a lot of babies tend to do this in the evening time. Also babies tend to doze off whilst feeding then wake up after a bit still wanting fed. So you might find yourself sat in the same spot for quite a long time. Some days I seem to be attached to the sofa.  
Also have a drink in reach, there have been countless amounts of times I've been sat feeding and realised I could really do with a drink, which is exactly what's happening right now.

1. Switch the TV on and have the remote handy. Or put a dvd on before sitting down. 
I've currently been making my way through both the Breaking Bad and Desperate Housewives series, both of which I would recommend to watch. 

2. Read a book or magazine. Depending on which magazines you read maybe sit down with a few, you might be sat there long enough to go through more than one. Or if you have a Kindle you can sit down with the choice of all your books in your book store without having to think before hand what you fancy reading!

3. Phone/Tablet/iPod. I've become really addicted to games since Osian's been born, due to playing games on my phone a lot whilst he feeds. 

4. Do some online shopping! This seems to be dangerous for me, I browse at things I wouldn't normally look at and don't need but so tempted to buy. There's just so many lovely baby clothes and toys! I've been good so far but can see myself giving in to temptation soon.

5. Have a snack. Crisps are my favourite food to snack on. Pick up a bag of crisps from the kitchen before sitting down or in my case pick up a few packets! Occasionally I remember to be healthy and pick up an apple or banana. Recently I've been thinking of chopping up cucumber and carrots and leaving them in a bowl in the fridge, but I've never remembered to do that yet.

Even though I like to do all these things whilst breastfeeding. Nothing will beat just using the time to just gaze at Osian.

Tired baby after a feed.

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