Friday, 1 January 2016

Living Arrows 47/52 - 52/52

I haven't had the chance to write any posts for quite a few weeks - meaning I've missed a fair few living arrows posts. I thought I'd have a little catch up on this weeks post. It would be a shame to have a photo from every week of the year, excluding the last few weeks. 

Out of the six photos, half are phone photos, with the other half being taken on my camera. I really ought to try and get my camera out more often. I'm going to try and take it out at least once a week in 2016.

Osian absolutely loved the run up to Christmas. Although he was scared of Santa, he loved anything Santa related, pictures and toys of him, and most of all his Santa teddy. He grasped the concept of Christmas really well, a lot better than I was expecting. He was so excited going to bed on Christmas Eve, which was really lovely.






Living Arrows

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Living Arrows 46/52

I very almost forgot to write this week's post. I've been a terrible blogger recently, I've been quite poorly in the evenings. I'm hoping to become more active this week.

This week's photos another phone capture. It was taken after Osian and I had done a little shop and he was sitting on the toys outside. We were there for quite a while, no one was waiting to have a go, and Osian loves to sit there and we weren't in a hurry.

Osian kept giving Rupert Bear a cuddle and chatting away to him. It was adorable to watch and I absolutely love this photo, I'm so glad I took it.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Worn by Osian #23

I was really looking forward to Friday this week, I was having a day off and couldn't wait to spend the day with Osian. Thankfully, the day wasn't filled with rain like most of the week had been. So we managed to get out and about. In the morning, we popped into town, where Osian chose a nice cosy hat, and to my surprise kept it on all day. He usually doesn't like things on his head. 

We had a wonderul day together, and here's what Osian rocked.
Hoody - Hudson Reign | Leggings - Petite Arc | Shoes - Star Wars by Vans

On Saturday we went to a garden centre to see some Reindeer. There were two of them, and they were just so cute! We went over to see them a couple of times, as Osian enjoyed looking at them a lot more when it wasn't busy around the area. He really enjoyed sitting on the sleigh, although if you look at the picture's I took - you'd say otherwise.

Osian wore his long sleeve top that I got the same time as his hoody in the previous outfit. I really love them both, they're both warm and cosy. The top was teamed up with his grey skull leggings. Osian loved all the skeletons around in his run up to Halloween, and he really liked having some on his trousers!
Top - Hudson Reign | Leggings - Little Day

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


I've been a member of the National Trust for just over a year now. Whilst on a trip up to Scotland last August, we went to visit Threave Gardens. My Mum treated me by signing me up for a membership, They had a great deal on at the time - £18 for the whole year for an under 25's membership. Unfortunately our visit to the gardens didn't last long, it started raining not long after we arrived, but we enjoyed a tasty lunch in the cafe.

I've definitely made the most of my membership over the year. Particularly over the summer months, most weeks we visited a NT site, the outdoors are great for Osian to be able to walk about without the danger of nearby roads. I now wonder what we'd do without a membership.

Bodnant Gardens

Is a beautiful garden, situated in the Conwy Valley. The garden's huge, it's spread across a hill, and goes all the way down to a river at the bottom of the hill. They've recently expended the gardens, and opened up a whole new walk down by the water. The entrance to the garden is at the top of the hill, and nearby there's a beautiful Laburnum Arch, which is at it's best at the start of summer. There are numerous different paths and routes, allowing you to see different plants and views depending on which one you take. 
Even though Bodnant Garden's fairly local to us, we've only been the once this year. When Osian and I went, it was a really hot day, a little too hot for walking about. So we only had a little walk around, and then spent the rest of our trip cooling down with an ice cream in the cafe. 

Plas Newydd

We've been to Plas Newydd quite a few times this year, our first visit being last September.  Plas Newydd's house and gardens are found on Anglesey. The beautiful house, sits right next to the Menai Straits. I particularly like the house in the Autumn months when the ivy's turned red, it's very picturesque. The interior of the house show how Lord and Lady Anglesey would have lived in the 30s. The lovely garden, includes a forest walk which leads to a pretty cool adventure playground. Even though I've only had my own membership for just over a year, my parents used to take me to National Trust sites a lot when I was younger. I remember going to the adventure playground when I was younger, and feeling proud of myself when I managed to complete the monkey bars. They also have another playground before the entrance next to the tea room (which I recently discovered serve a very tasty Sunday lunch).

Powis Castle

In April we stayed in Shrewsbury for a few days. One day we visited Powis Castle. I really love the look of this castle, it's so different to any of the castles around here. We made our way around the castle quite quickly, but I do remember they had an impressive collection of Caesar statues. Near the restaurant, there was a exhibition all about Clive of India called The Clive Museum, I found the collection and information really interesting, I previously hadn't heard of him before. There were lots of peacocks and peahens about, and the peacock kept spreading his feathers, was great to see. We didn't have time to go around most of the gardens, but we did find a big open space that Osian had a great time wondering about.

Penrhyn Castle

Penrhyn Castle's our most visited site, we've been so many times over the year. The castle was owned by Lord Penrhyn, who also owned a nearby slate quarry. There are so many different rooms inside the castle. My favourite being the nursery, I just love looking at the old toys. I also particularly like a stained glass window that shows all the different star signs, I'm not sure why I like it so much, it just really caught my eye. One of the bedroom's holds a huge slate bed that was made especially for Queen Victoria's visit, but she wouldn't sleep in at, as it reminded her of a grave. Penrhyn Castle is home to one of Osian's favourite place - The Railway Museum. The railway museum is a big room, filled with huge old steam trains. Osian never grows tired of going to visit the 'choo choos'. The museum has a lot of information on the walls, which I think is about the trains, but I've never had the chance to read. Next door is a smaller room, filled with lots of train figures, and old posters advertising the train line services. The coffee shop near the museum, as a table full or wooden trains and tracks for children to play with. It's often allowed me to have a peaceful cup of tea, as Osian can spend ages playing with the toys. The grounds are very big, and include lots of different walks, a beautiful walled garden and adventure playground. The walled garden has two ponds, and at certain times of the year are filled with tadpoles.

That concludes our year of adventures to National Trust sites. I'm hoping to visit a few more over the next year, particularly next summer. Do you have any recommendations as to where we can go for our next adventure? 

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Living Arrows 45/52

I really love this week's photo, but I can't help but think how much more I would have loved it if it were taken on a camera rather than my phone. Osian and I had gone out for a little walk with my sister, we went to the cycle track that's a couple of minute walk away from the house. 

To start with Osian wanted carried, and I was beginning to wonder why we'd come for a walk. But after a little while Osian seemed to find his independence and wanted to walk, and after a while he even began to run ahead. This happens quite often when we go out, Osian takes a little while before he wants to go and run about, or even just wanting to walk.

Monday, 9 November 2015

My Very Own Gift Company - Personalised Encyclopaedia & Place Mat

Osian has recently received two lovely gifts from My Very Own Gift Company. Who are a company that specialises in gorgeous hand crafted personalised gifts for children. There's a lovely little video on their website, which show gives a great insight to their products, and showcases them all in use.
Firstly, Osian received a personalised place mat. Which comes in the option of two designs, and both come in either pink or blue. I decided to go for the contemporary design. The top centre of the mat is personalised with Osian's name, his date of birth, star sign and a message from me. You can choose your own message, but I just couldn't think of any, so My Very Own Gift Company helped me by giving me a list as inspiration, and I ended up choosing one from the list. The mat's filled with the alphabet, and an object along with each letter. The letters are written in upper and lower case, then underneath it says a word beginning with that letter, e.g. 'f is for flag'. For some reason I thought the mat would be quite thin, but it's thick and of good quality. It's easily wiped clean and has plenty room for Osian's cutlery, plate and drink. The mat's also handy to use when Osian's colouring, especially with felt tips, as he makes such a mess with those at the moment.
Secondly, Osian received a gorgeous personalised encyclopaedia. I love all things personalised, and I'm a huge fan of children's book, so I was very excited to see this book. It's Osian's first book like this, and he loves it. The cover's lovely and colourful, filled with pictures, and titled Osian Wyn's encyclopaedia. The book comes in either hard or soft covering. The first page includes a little poem and a personalised message. Again, I was given a list of messages as inspiration. I fell in love with a Dr. Seuss quote from the list, so opted for that as the message. The main content of the book is a page for each letter of Osian's name. On the left hand page, there's his full name, with a letter highlighted in blue and that's the letter that the page is designated to. On the right hand page, there is four different words beginning with the particular letter, including a beautifully illustrated picture and short description. In each description, the word being described is highlighted blue. I can imagine this being a useful tool when a child's learning to read.
If a letter comes up twice, there are different objects are on each set page for that letter. In our case, the letter N comes up twice, one page includes net, nose, night and nut. Whilst the other includes nail, nest, necklace and newspaper. For words such as nail, both definitions are included.

The last page is filled with the alphabet, with a word and picture for each letter. This is Osian's favourite page, he sits there pointing to the different pictures asking 'what's that', then hands it to me because it's my turn to ask him. He knew the animals and foods before hand, but he's become familiar with many of the other objects, and can nearly name the whole page.
Overall, I'm very impressed by both the book and mat, we both really like them. I love how colourful they both are, the quality can't be faulted, and I love that they're hand crafted. Osian really likes the both of them. He enjoys using his mat, and can spend ages pointing at all the different things. Whilst book's become a firm favourite of his, we've read it many a time before bed, and also looked through it during the day. I think the books going to be very useful in teaching Osian about the spelling of his name, and understanding the concept of different letters.
I think both would make a lovely Christmas or birthday present, for children of all ages. The encyclopaedia could also be great as a gift for children starting school.
Osian's book's definitely going to be kept as a keepsake. Actually, as will the mat, I don't think I could ever part with either of them, they're just too lovely.
Osian telling us what noise the elephant in the book makes

My Very Own Gift Company currently have 20% off their entire range, with the code MVOG20!

Disclosure - We were sent the book and mat for the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Living Arrows 44/52

Osian's always been a big animal fan. He's loved having animal stories for a very long time, and has enjoyed playing with animal figures. I thought he'd love to see them up close, but when he was old enough to notice them, he got quite scared if he was too close to them. So he loved watching them from afar. Recently, Osian's being going very close to animals and saying 'hello', and loves being up close to them.

A couple of weeks ago we found a little mole on a footpath, and it took him a few moments as he was a little frightened at first, and I thought I'd have to carry him past, but he quickly came around and really enjoyed looking at the mole. We've been to the farm a couple of times recently, and he now goes right up to the fence, whereas six months ago we'd have to stand quite a bit away from it.

On Saturday, we went over to Manchester with my Mum and sister, to visit my aunt and uncle. We all went to Heaton Park. The playground was a great size for Osian, he could go on quite a few different things, whereas the parks near us are mostly full of things that are too big for him at the moment. After he'd had a little play, we headed to the farm that's situated in the park. Osian really enjoyed himself, he particularly liked the pigs. He was running after them shouting 'stop' if they walked away from where he was standing.

I think we could have easily spent the day in Heaton Park, there seemed to be so much to do, but we only had time for a couple of hours there. Osian really liked the look of the land train, which we saw on the way back to the park.
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